Tuesday, January 5, 2010

God bless the many hands which made this work possible.. and God bless the family of this house, and those who are on the waiting list to get a home.

Family and friends


Becky with Friends

Nice job just like motel wow!

Kitchen a little over crowded (Jikoni)

Important areas

Best room

Just in time for Christmas gifts.. if you didn't give a chirstmas gift you are not late...
Let me give you a little tour.. as you come in
This is the house, seven days..

It wont stop our work,, we must work.. in one week the house will ......

Here come another big change.. snoooow!
Changes are important.. check these trees don't miss the natural beauty though

Lake Lure..

Charokee village.. Nc

Don't miss beut around and within

Fall pics out of Jump off rock... beut of nature..

red tree.. a reminder of.... red... deep red (blood) you and I share Sufi's theory show up and do some! This what i did.. showed up and look....

Slide show