Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kibera Slums- Kenya

Imagine iff ....

Jesus sent you an invitation card saying let us meet for lunch. He give you instruction where to meet. you had no idea where the place was. After you sit down you see this little house at the side say.. welcome to kibera slums
and enjoy your visit, hope you will have a good time!!

Will you be offended? or will you enjoy that lunch! or
What will you do?..................

Just a little reflection when you complain so much know that some people live in places like this and they are grateful to God!
Mind you they never complain at all,they greet you with big smile and a joyful heart.

Tanzanian art

Congratualation this is real art. What do you think my friend!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It is Spring

Isn't this wonderful to walk around without additional layers of heavy cloth?

Isn't wonderful to be out in the fresh air and let the wind blow in to your body?

Isn't this wonderful to hear birds singing sometimes in the middle of the night?

Isn't great to see flowers of all kinds and green color in trees again?

I think it is great that we can share our stories again, we can be companion just like them. I am inviting you to be close to nature, pay attention to it and all around it and you will enjoy life.

Have a blessed day

Friday, April 3, 2009

When you look at this picture is like looking big filles of secret in our world . I said yes we are all one!! It is happening because of one thing which we all don't have! Conciousness of our being. and we will soon get there..

When Black, white, yellow, brown, red and green can sit and share stories about life and even smile. I have no word for this act at this time just grateful..

Gold Mining in Geita (Tanzania) A Cute house !! so creative why not?

When you look at this picture, you can't tell what it is but it is one of the Gold mining in Tanzania (Geita) North west where so many young people loose their lives. Just last Moth 12 people died in this place.No body know for sure how many were there only God knows. Gold, Gold, why are you taking peoples lives.. They died so you can shine!! it is painful . Have you said.. say somethi it will help.

Well my dear let see if you can identify these people. may be one of them is you or your best friend. The world we are living in have all kinds of characters which one relates to you?
This is what it take to be a leader and inspirational. DR. Mongella thank you for encouraging the little one!! we need more people just like you!! An African leader empowering children. All women are called to live by this example a simple act yet powerful enough to encourage the little one.

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